“Differentiated neighborhoods of New Belgrade” 

produced by Centre for Visual Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art  Belgrade:

(ecological history of New Belgrade)

Seen from the terraces of old Kalemegdan park, from the other side of Sava river “the entire area of New Belgrade, or the biggest part of it, offers us a gift of one great park.” (Peđa Milosavljević: „Belgrade city by the sea“ 1970)
Terms of beauty, shade, cooling, contribution to global gas balances and reduction in air polutants, moderation in temperature and others, are not enough to fully explain deep ties between people and trees and forests.
Perception of neghbourhood of nature, we explored through fisical contact of a person with a tree from his iminent environment on a example of Park of Friendship, where world leaders planted 195 trees in the period from 1961-90.
Authors: xtended.mind (Milica Lapcevic, Vladimir Sojat)
Design: Jovana Timotijevic
Special thanks: Hranislav Milanovic, JKP Zelenilo Beograd
Participants: Sreten Ugričić, Koja, Milica Lapčević, Vladimir Šojat, Dragan Lapčević, Zoran Erić, Irena Ristić, Ivan Lončarević, Đorđe Branković, Svetlana Đolović, Tamara Lujak, Aleksandra Bjelajac, Ognjen, Una Popović, Miljan Spasić. 

Milica Lapcevic, visual artist and Vladimir Sojat, video artist and filmmaker, don’t frequently go to nature. When they do, they stay there for a long time. Even when they are in nature, they are still members of Artterror film & video association, as well as xtended.mind project.