By: Milica Lapčević, Vladimir Šojat
Year: 2000
Time: 00:03:19
Production : ARTTERROR




Holy AD

In the begining,

if you want to avoid the dread pink white wash, the dirty linen co. has come up

with the new laundry sorting solution: there was no death, nor yet deathlessness

but only round bottomed ($11.99) and rectangular ($9) laundry bags

marked „darks“ of the night and „lights“ of the day

with various „there was not any sign“ slogans

such as „the one“

„breathed without breath“

„I am not messy I am creative“

„by its own impulse“

Produced by dirty linen co. / baileys direct, 58 snowhill industrial estate, melton, mowbray, leicestershire

There was nothing else at all.


(Yahooniah the prophet)