By Milica Lapčević, Vladimir Šojat
Year :
Time : 00:05:00
Production : ARTTERROR

Meet St. Famine, saint of hunger, with its, at the same time angelic and devilish face.


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We will eat apples
He said
There are no more…
We will eat other fruit
There is no other fruit
I have eaten it all…
I don’t want my child to be hungry
I can’t feed you
He said.

You’d better shut up!
You’d better shut up!
You’d better disappear!

Money, money bites…
Money bites,
Sucking the last drops of blood
As if from a body infected by the scarlet fever!
Like a crack in the ice that will open
And where we shall inevitably fall.

And I despise my soft palate
And my throat that swallows…
the delicious taste
Of big banknotes !

You’d better shut up!
It’s too much waste of papers
And printing ink and machines.

How much paper zeroes are in your heart?
And how much hair falls daily
From your account?

First money, said the snake
And then I’ll strangle the rat !

Money first, screamed the rat
And then I’ll explain why !

And therefore I despise my soft palate,
And my throat that swallows, drinks and lives,
And the shoes that fade away
And can’t be replaced…

And I despise my lips
That uselessly chew, smoke and kiss
And search for another.

And money, they ask!
How many zeroes can you say for yourself?
How many zeroes can you say for yourself?

I should instead let my teeth grow
Huge and dangerous,
And then grow ears and claws
And watch with a smile and roar
How the poor zeroes in fear
Collect and multiply
On my account!