– eternal life of empedocles –

directed and edited by Vladimir Sojat
screenplay by Antoan Stefan Sojat, Vladimir Sojat
director of photography: Bosko Brankovic
art director: Rajko Petrovic
casting by Milica Lapcevic
sound: Robert Klajn

Empedocles: Ljubomir Dimitrijevic
Empedocles (voice): Il Akkad

duration (08′ 00″)
year of production (2011)

freeze 002

In contrast to Jean-Marie Straub and Danielle Houillet 1987. masterpiece “Death of Empedocles”, a film based on Friedrich Holderlin’s unfinished drama with emotions and ideas “so immense, that are almost imperceivable”, research for “Eternal life of Empedocles” followed different path, using original texts of ancient Greek philosopher, fragments entitled “On nature” and “Purifications”, in order to grasp the idea of incomplete histories and complete misunderstanding of a moment. Realized in original, ancient Greek language and using authentic musical score from that period, “Eternal life of Empedocles” doesn’t exclude a humorous aspect of Empedocles myth.