Interested and intensly working with photography, video art and films,drawings and paintings. Also interested in social studies, music and architecture, and
has been respectively curated few projects in these fields. Interested in literature, especially poetry, always… and since recently, in astronomy.

Milica Lapčević
1962 born in Belgrade, Serbia
Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia

Studied art history at the University of Bergen, Norway
Studied English language and literature at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.
Graduated at Art Academy in Belgrade, Serbia *painting dept.
Postgraduated at Konsthogskolan, Stockholm, Sweden *video art and new media dept.
Professor Marie-Louise de Geer Ekman

Study travel Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 2003
Citizens without boundaries conference, Malmo, Sweden, 2005

Die Liebe 2005 digital print 100cm x 66,6cm

Die Liebe, 2005
digital print (100cm x 66,6cm)

Solo Exhibitions

One man exhibitions:
Galeri Mejan, Stockholm, Sweden, 1992
E.U. Headquarters, Stockholm, Sweden, 1993
Star Nests, Cinema Rex, Belgrade, Serbia 1996
Greetings from E.U. meetings, CZKD, Belgrade, Serbia 1996
Gallery DOB, Belgrade, Serbia, 2000.
Gallery ULUS, Belgrade, Serbia, 2001.
Gallery DKSG (opening of a new space), Belgrade, Serbia, 2005
Musenalmanach 05, DSB and Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade, Serbia, 2005

Video Festivals:
Alternative Film-Video Belgrade, Serbia 1989.
Monitor, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1993 and 1994.
Survey of Nordic Media, The Kitchen, New York, U.S.A 1993
Cidade de Vigo, Vigo, Spain, 1993.
Ostranenie, Dessau, Germany 1997
Raindance Festival, London, Great Britain 1999.
WRO, Wroclaw, Poland,1999 and 2001.
iMage, Florence, Italy, 2000 and 2002

Video Medea, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2002 awarded entry.

Film Festivals:

Stockholm Film Festival, Stockholm, Sweden 1992 (special mention)
Paris Biennale BIFA, Paris, France 1996 and 1998
Moscow Film Festival, Moscow, Russia, 1997 (Golden knight Award for short animation)
Belgrade Short and Documentary Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003

Group Exhibitions

Biennale of Young Artists in Vrsac, Vrsac, Serbia 1996
Brodcast fran Skepsholmen, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden,1992
Stadsmuseet, Stockholm, Sweden,1991
Skanska Galeriet, Gotland, Sweden,1991
Belgrade Summer Festival, Belgrade Serbia 1995, 1996 and 1997
Visible-Invisible, Thessalonica, Greece, 1998
Stop the Violence, Vienna, Austria, 1999
April Meetings, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005
Transeuropicnic, Novi Sad, Serbia 2004
VIP Gallery opening session, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia 2004
In-difference, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia 2004
BELEF 2005, video selection, DKC ,Belgrade 2005
On normality/Art in Serbia 1989/2001 Museum of Modern Art, Belgrade, 2005


Art&Advertising, New Moment Magazine, Belgrade, 1996
Eduard Manet sur le corps, SMuseum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia 2001
Artterror Retrospective, Film Museum, Belgrade, Serbia 2001
Under the Bridge, international meeting, Belgrade, Serbia 2004
Terrorism work in progress, V.I.P. gallery, SKC, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004
Concept of the body Loss of the body Virtual body. Flexible Art Network, Belgrade, Serbia 2004
Creative place, Belgrade, Serbia, organized by Flexible Art Network, 2005


Acquisitions (video art):

STV 2 Swedish Television
Heure exquise! France